martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Side Event: Amazonian Indigenous Peoples an Indigenous REDD + Proposals: Dialogue between COICA and States

Wednesday 7 December.

• Indigenous people of the Amazon identify and question the inconsistencies of REDD+ and propose an alternative, the Indigenous REDD+ system, in order to effectively reduce the environmental and global climate crisis without the commercialization of nature.

• This event will include discussions with the delegates of the governments of Norway and Switzerland and UN-REDD officials about the alternatives proposed by the indigenous people of the Amazon.

• Through the territories and whole life plans of Amazonia Indigenous Peoples, the planet can begin to cool. This plan will require a restructuring of territories, increasing self-determination, stopping the actions of “Carbon Cowboys” and the carbon credit market.


Juan Carlos Jintiach (Leader, COICA): “Territories of Life for Saving the Planet”

Roberto Espinoza (Technician, COICA): “The Indigenous REDD Alternative and its Differences with REDD+”

Adolfo Chávez (President, CIDOB): “Lessons from TIPNIS and the Indigenous REDD+ Alternative in Bolivia”

Discussion Panel with the Delegates from Norway, Switzerland and UN-REDD

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